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dental implants

October 31, 2016

When you do dental implants, you need to plant a few nails (implants) that require a full assessment of the doctor, depending on the texture and amount of the missing teeth and the rest of the bone, usually less than the missing teeth.


If the support complete denture, the need for a number of implants, usually on the teeth need 4-8 teeth, the lower teeth need 2-6.


If you are short of a tooth, then look at the missing tooth size and space, only a nail son is enough.


If you are short of many teeth, so depends on the location and other factors, according to the doctor's plan, concrete analysis of specific situations.


If we think of our teeth as a river can have a car to leave the bridge, below the root is to support the bridge pier, so that we can not afford to bear the force, but also beautiful, and can chew.


If one of the bridges is broken, it will need to be repaired to restore a "bridge pier", which is a dental implant.


If there are more than one place, then you need more than one pier.


If the teeth are all gone, you need to re design the number of cards to see how many piers can bear the above car to leave the power. Colleagues also look at the pier is much thick, thick piers can be used less, and more than a few thin pier.

What kind of pier depends on the river under the "dirt" (whether the loss of alveolar bone). If the soil is too much, it will need to add a little mud (bone graft), to lay the foundation of the bridge pier.

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