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Dental polishing brush

December 7, 2016

Dental polishing brush

Dental polishing brush is mainly used in dental polishing. Different tooth position with different polishing brush, after polishing the teeth, teeth become white and flawless, while reducing the number of bacteria on the teeth of infection, to protect the role of teeth. In Europe and the United States, Australia, the Middle East, where the use of more, in China is currently growing at a rate of 14% per year.

Dental polishing brush type editor

Dental polishing brush: a variety of flat brush, brush tip, dental polishing brush lock groove, screw type dental polishing brush, polishing glass, polishing brush. His size is the international standard, dental polishing brush metal handle thread is 20 * 4.5mm, Phi 2.35mm, brush wire exposed white nylon, L:6.5mm, lock pass size is 20 x 4.5mm, Phi 2.35mm, polishing metal handle cup size is 20 x 4.5mm, Phi 2.35mm,


Material composition editing of dental polishing brush

The metal handle polishing brush is made of pure copper, nickel plating, wire brush with white or transparent nylon bristles, silk (white and black bristle bristles) high temperature 200 degrees. Polishing brush is the same structure as the polishing brush. The metal handle cup is made of pure copper polishing, surface plating, plastic part is silicone or rubber, high temperature of 200 degrees.

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