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Principles of dental orthodontic appliance

January 10, 2017

What is the principle of dental orthodontic appliance? Many people now missing teeth are using braces to correct, but few people know the principle of braces is how the following small for everyone to explain, to help you better understand the braces.

Principles of dental orthodontic appliance

A dental appliance is using the principle of biomechanics to occlusal tooth deformity correction, the correction system with gentle and persistent biological force, slowly move teeth, make teeth back to the normal position, the teeth in order.

In fact, the principle of braces is quite simple, although there are many kinds of braces, but in fact they are consistent in principle, braces correction process, patients need to have patience and perseverance, can not act with undue haste, otherwise it is not up to the orthodontic effect, or even damage to the teeth.

Orthodontic treatment, the patient should pay attention to the following:

At the beginning of


1, wear braces, teeth will appear limp, the first three days can eat soft food, after one week adaptation, can return to normal diet.

2, in the process of orthodontic treatment, can not eat good food or sticky food, such as bone foods, ice, nuts, sugar cane, lobster shells or chewing gum, sugar, rice cake and other food, eating more food, eat that cut into small pieces.

3, the orthodontic process, should pay attention to oral hygiene, sooner or later develop and the habit of brushing their teeth after meals, ensure clean bracket and tooth surface.

4, regular visits, allowing doctors to make appropriate adjustments, in order to ensure the effect of orthodontics.

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