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What is root canal nail

October 24, 2016

Dental restoration and repair of internal root canal nail is commonly used in the oral cavity clinical use of a new material, which is mainly used in the field of dental restoration and repair. In the oral cavity direct repair or repair of the use of the placement of auxiliary materials, in the process of clinical operation does not need to take the model, and has the advantages of stable, easy to operate. In the range of use in clinical routine use in clinical use of pile, but also fill the posterior residual root then repair, tooth defect even fixed repair broken teeth, built-in connection type forming and repair allograft replantation repair four clinical blank.

Usually in the clinical area of caries and residual roots need to do through the dental prosthodontics. Use of this dental prosthesis to repair the internal root canal nail can be exempt from the suffering of tooth extraction. But also can be in the absence of a large area of residual root or missing teeth to complete the repair, the periodontal tissue of the physical environment to give full protection, and can be sure that the body's rejection of the reaction is completely avoided. Anterior teeth caused by trauma and fracture is very common in clinic, after breaking the original teeth in vitro usually throw before making dentures, use after the root canal nail can avoid this phenomenon, can the tooth nail connection with built-in fracture root canal, after the restoration of natural state. In the process of repairing residual root, in addition to making dentures can also use other people's teeth after transplantation in another mouth, and will not have clinical advantages, rejection so the tooth repair built-in pin in a wide range of clinical use.

The production material of the internal root canal nail with the tooth restoration and repair is made of medical stainless steel and biological alloy material.

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