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Why we need toothwash?

November 21, 2016

Dental plaque is the culprit in periodontal disease, after removal of the tooth surface will continue to re form. Plaque removal is not in place, and minerals in saliva gradually deposited, it will form a calculus for many, many years to come. But because of the existence of plaque and tartar tissue surface in close contact, causing inflammation of periodontal tissue. In addition, the porous structure of calculus can easily absorb a large number of bacterial toxins, and it can even prevent brushing. Long time not clear, may cause gingivitis, periodontitis, gingival bleeding, halitosis, eventually lead to loosening of the teeth, and even drop phenomenon.
Can not be removed by brushing after the formation of dental calculus.


According to the deposition of dental calculus of different parts, to the edge of the gums for the sector can be divided into supragingival plaque and subgingival calculus, teeth responsible for removal of supragingival calculus, but also in the actual operation of the gingival sulcus and tartar is shallow subgingival calculus should be clear.


Due to the consumption of some foods and colored drinks, the teeth will accumulate some pigment. In the long-term smokers and people who like to drink dark drinks, pigment deposition is particularly evident, the appearance of the teeth have a great adverse effects. The process of scaling in supragingival, these pigments can be removed. However, due to the tooth surface is not as smooth and smooth as the mirror surface, so it is impossible to completely clear the pigment can not be done, there will always be some pigment residues in the tooth surface depression.

The main purpose of scaling is to prevent and treat oral diseases, not just to look good. Reduce gingivitis and periodontitis by scaling the inflammatory condition, but only by scaling is not cure periodontitis. To cure periodontal disease, should also be further professional treatment after scaling.

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