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Dental materials

November 22, 2016

Dental materials, also known as dental materials or dental materials. Classification is as follows: first, the classification of dental materials.

Dental materials can be divided into public supplies and specialty materials. College of materials and is divided into the mouth, mouth, repair, orthodontic technicians and six departments of oral health supplies.

(1) common consumables disposable oral examination instrument box, disposable masks / Hats / gloves, syringe and syringe needle, suction head, rubber dam attachment, a local anesthetic, cotton / gauze products, disinfection products, work clothes / shoes, protective glasses, protective equipment, protective cover, X ray / flushing other liquid.

(2) in consumption of materials commonly used filling material, composite resin, adhesive, etching agent, sealant, root canal filling material, fiber pile / nail retention, root canal disinfection materials, desensitization / fluoride material, bleaching products, special plastic film, enlarge / broach, tooth root canal file percha, forming film, silver alloy powder, small wedge, damp proof device of rubber dam, plaque control products, fluoride materials, oral ulcer film, inactivation agent, other. Such as filling material. Used to repair material filling cavity treatment of caries. Temporary filling material using time a few days to a few months, the main Zinc Oxide eugenol cement and zinc phosphate cement? Permanent filling materials can be used in oral years to decades, mainly silver amalgam, composite resin etc..

(3) the common surgical materials, planting, planting material, implant, steel / titanium plate, fixing screws, artificial bone, other. Such as: implant material. Production of dental implant materials. The implant can be implanted into the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity in order to replace the part of the living tissue or the whole organ, so as to restore the shape and function of the implant. Commonly used titanium and titanium alloy, stainless steel, cobalt chromium alloy, acrylic resin, silicone rubber, bio ceramic, composite materials, etc.
(4) orthodontic bracket orthodontic bonding materials, consumables, arch wire, expansion device, traction device, screw / handle, elastics, elastomenc chain, elastic line, traction, lingual orthodontic buckle, dynamometer, retractor, ligature, orthodontic band / push / pull spring, buccal tube.

(5) repair, technical supplies impression material, temporary repair, gingival, tray, denture / resin teeth, abrasives, diamond bur, cutting and cutting sand / handle, ceramic powder, ceramic / ceramic material, alloy / steel, relining and repair materials, separation / denture cleaning agent agent, rubber bowl, steel wire / net, wax products, gypsum / cutter / saw / shear, precision attachment, polishing materials, denture / polymer / water, wax, embedding material, crown and bridge materials, welding / Soldering coal, occluding paper, liquid / oil / agent / glue / powder / sand / paste / pen / nail, warranty card, other. Such as: the impression material. Materials for the anatomy of tooth and oral soft tissues and their relationships. Commonly used with alginate and synthetic rubber elastic material and impression plaster impression paste etc.. Model material. Production of a variety of oral tissue male material. Mainly include gypsum, artificial stone, low melting alloy, model wax, etc.. The dental material. In the repair of the defect of teeth or dentition defect or loss, for the production of artificial teeth, denture base, retainer, connecting rod, crown, bridge and inlay materials. Metal, ceramic and synthetic resin. The bonding material. Used for bonding dental hard tissue with plastic, metal and ceramic materials, such as paste, adhesive filling fixed restorations or fixed appliance etc.. There are commonly used cement and synthetic polymer materials.

(6) the material of prevention and health care prevention and health care materials. Materials for the prevention of the disease and damage of teeth and their supporting tissues. A fluoride gel, sealant and mouth protector etc.. In addition, there is the bottom material, maxillofacial repair materials, embedding materials, polishing materials etc.

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