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Root Canal Therapy

October 21, 2016

Root Canal Therapy


Root canal therapy is applicable to the diagnosis of dental pulp or Periapical disease The teeth should be removed, dental pulp and root canal system infection, to keep the entire tooth or root for the purpose, but the teeth with periodontal tissue and bone has enough support.
In some cases, including trauma, Dental restoration And the need for periodontal surgery or other treatment, also need to be removed dental pulp , root canal therapy.
Root canal therapy is a kind of complex dental pulp The treatment method, the use of the equipment, many steps, need to go through multiple steps and multiple shooting for X ray photograph to complete the whole process.
A period of time during and after treatment, there may be pain and other symptoms, most belong to the normal reaction, can be revist on time. If the pain is severe, accompanied by local swelling and systemic reactions, should be timely referral, as appropriate, for further treatment.
There is a risk
Root canal therapy according to the doctor only X ray or apex locator in root canal system generally understand that in case of complex root canal (bending, narrow, calcification of obstruction, broken instruments, side wear) or other special circumstances, increasing the difficulty of root canal treatment, need to use special equipment and materials, treatment time the corresponding increase.
Complex root canal treatment may occur broken instruments, not forcibly removed the broken instruments, the instrument can stay in the root canal, periodic review.
Matters needing attention
After root canal treatment, the body has a repair process, can check regularly, understand the healing of tissue. For a long time, patients may feel uncomfortable by treatment of teeth. If the situation is not progressive, can take the method of observation, but should comply with the doctor's advice and timely review.
Treatment again
A few cases of root canal therapy treatment is not successful, it is not conventional root canal therapy treatment or treatment failure cases, partial cases can be treated with endodontic surgery to continue treatment, there are some cases of extraction methods of treatment.
Neutralization treatment after root canal treatment, the teeth tend to split, resulting in tooth extraction. as Tooth defect After treatment, consult your doctor promptly crown. 

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