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Self ligating bracket

December 20, 2016

The use of self ligating bracket orthodontic tooth benefits

Self ligating bracket, the majority of its are not well understood, it is based on the traditional appliance bracket was improved, and the design is different from the edgewise bracket, widely used clinically straight wire bracket, lingual appliance and invisible appliance. It can lock the wire, and the wire without ligation can be fixed by special mechanical spring, there is no elastomenc ligatures and aging force decay phenomenon of the problem, and the low friction and contribute to the realization of light force correction.


The use of self ligating bracket orthodontic tooth benefits
1, to the doctor, operation is very simple and convenient, time saving and operation time of dental chair. Replacing the traditional bracket ligation afterburner, without ligation was removed from the afterburner of pain. Each visit after loading, the pain reaction is very light, far less than the traditional orthodontic pain reaction. The return cycle can be elongated self-locking brackets, for more than 8 weeks before referral, save the patient's time cost, reduce the number of visit, for the students is not necessarily because of the dentist and delay homework. Small size, conducive to comfort, conducive to oral health maintenance.
2 customers are willing to use the latest corrective technology, patients in the dental chair to accept the operation time is short, easy to operate, means that patients suffer less. Maybe people mention the teeth will feel will be pain, now the use of self ligating bracket can also relieve pain, because it eliminates the direct ligation of the pain and discomfort, and in the stage after the arch wire soft force downier. So in terms of aligning stage or off clearance stage, free ligation self ligating bracket can effectively reduce the wearer's pain and discomfort.
3 we are now very fast pace of life, certainly hope that the number of patient referral can be less about whether it is good for adults or children, in fact, the most difficult thing is the parents of the children, the children will leave to visit to parents to accompany, losing a lot of time. If in accordance with the self-locking brackets reduce number of visit 12 times to calculate, the equivalent of 6 patients less please day off. There is a survey, traditional bracket referral interval for 26.6 days, and the self ligating bracket reexamination time for 37.6 days.
4 the most significant advantage of self ligating brackets because free ligation, so that the total course of treatment can be shortened to 1 ~ 4 months. This is the self ligating charm to attract others. Self-locking brackets in the whole course of treatment is shortened, fast moving effect mainly originated in the early stage of treatment. Due to the low friction self-locking bracket, making the teeth move more quickly. The initial patient wearing self-locking brackets, will move surprised on the teeth, is very conducive to the establishment of orthodontic patients trust and cooperation. The two picture is the effect of a patient receives treatment at eight weeks, with the Time2 interactive self ligating bracket.
5 self ligating surface through special treatment, making it smooth, low friction, light force strong memory, no permanent deformation, which has a passive self-locking function, in order to achieve in the early stage of treatment using the less friction grooves and wires in the nature, give full play to its super elastic force light persistent. Can reduce root resorption, bone remodeling, but also can use the ligation of wing bracket ligation in order to achieve the root control effect, is the concept of correction and combination of the traditional new correction device, make the teeth move fast, teeth in a short time.
Fast correction effect of 6 self ligating bracket allows the patients can quickly see the change of teeth in the short term, the correction effectively shorten the period of treatment, and reduce the number of visit, it will replace the traditional ligation, shorten the chair side operation time, simplify operation and disassembly wire become the orthodontic treatment in a new generation of mainstream correction device.

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