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Why need orthodontic treatment

December 7, 2016

The orthodontic treatment includes a wide range, usually refers to the treatment process by means of oral technology, to repair the irregular teeth, abnormal shape of the teeth, abnormal tooth color. Orthodontics has many kinds of methods, such as resin veneer, porcelain veneers, porcelain teeth, orthodontics and so on, according to the actual situation, the individual tooth malocclusion types, then the individual requirements selection of treatment methods, each method has advantages and disadvantages, different people have their preferences, exchange at the time of the inspection and doctors need to be determined directly plan. The main functional correction and aesthetic correction.

1 teeth are not flush;
2 abnormal tooth morphology, such as seeds, teeth, dental trauma and exclusion;
3 missing teeth;
4 teeth abnormal color, such as dental fluorosis, tetracycline teeth etc..

Clinical manifestation

According to different types of diseases, clinical manifestations are different, the common point is that the appearance of a negative impact. Missing teeth in the performance of the uneven teeth, teeth overlapping, cause tooth is not easy to clean, easy to dental disease. The abnormal shape of the teeth is not complete in the defect of the teeth, which is not commensurate with the adjacent teeth. Abnormal color teeth is the most common dental fluorosis and tetracycline teeth.


The need to correct the teeth with typical clinical manifestations, clinical diagnosis is not difficult. Through clinical examination and medical history can be diagnosed.


The treatment method of the tooth correction should be the focus of attention. The principle is to meet the aesthetic needs of the maximum extent at the same time maintain complete structure of dental tissues, protect healthy gums; enhance health, function and appearance of the oral cavity, oral treatment to improve patients psychological acceptance, strengthen confidence. The main methods of resin veneer, porcelain veneer, porcelain teeth, orthodontic, etc., to fully consider the age of the patient, the requirements, the degree of injury, treatment time, the expected results, the specific circumstances of the specific analysis and then choose.

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